To give you impression what Tezxas can or can not, I decided to convert best Spectrum games in Tezxas format, modify fonts to make texts more readable and make some games faster. Yes, but what are best games? I joined three official lists:

1) Sinclair user, 50 software classics. Published as one booklet in magazine Sinclair User, ( 1984, peak time of ZX Spectrum popularity), was attempt of one full team to choose the best Spectrum games all the times. They decided to cover all genres, and this explains why this list contains so much pure textual adventures. Also, rather than technical quality, more important for this list was influence of the game to history of ZX Spectrum games. Probabbly this list came too early, because best Spectrum games were written arround 1986.

2) Stuard Campbell's Top 100 Spectrum Games Off All Time. This is published in 1991, practically the last year of ZX Spectrum software life. It is more subjective than previous list, which prove descriptions given. The main criteria to put the game on the list is playability. Also, unlike first list, ranking is not a result of voting, but often similar games are grouped at close positions. It is often considered, however, as official list of best gammes all the times, because it appeared at the end of ZX Spectrum era.

3) The best of Spectrum games by Enrico Maria Giordano & Carlo Malantrucco. It is not published in computer magazine, but on Internet site The World of Spectrum. This is the most recent list, appeared after dust was fallen long time ago, in 1998/1999. Technical quality is here main factor. This means that many sequels of the games are put in the list, because all have nice graphic. Unlike previous lists, this is sorted alphabeticly and games are marked with 9, 10 or 10+.

I excluded from the list the games that exist in 128 K version only. Of course, I do not agree 100% with selection of best games, because many great games are not in these three lists, but I will leave it for next update of the home page.

Good game on ZX Spectrum does not necessary runs nice on Tezxas, due to emulation problems. Therefore I assigned semaphore with every game.

1) Speed is OK, graphic is good, text is recognizable. Enjoy the game!

2)The game is still playable, but there is problem. It can be slow (on start or at all), or text on TI89 can not be readable without zoom key (on TI92+ this problem usualy does not exist), graphic can be poor in details, picture flickers, etc. You can try and if problem does not seem too serious for you, you can play the game. Sometimes game can be patched, or problem solved with another video mode.

3)The game crashes on Tezxas, or even Tezxas crashes itself. This can be a result of bug in Tezxas or intentionaly unimplemented feature (compatibility is reduced to improve speed). Games are put on the web site to try finding a bugfix or workaround.

Although in all games are put both TI89 and TI92+ links, below screenshots, sometimes they point to the same file, TI89 version. TI92+ users can rename it using utility TI8992 that has as parameter TI89 file.

The description of game is taken from one of the three mentioned lists.

The games I divided into the categories.


Adventure games

Arcade adventures

Auto-moto games

Classic board games

Simulations of creation

Fightning sports

Flight simulators

Logical arcades

Luna parc simulators

Manager simulations

Maze games

Paddle games

Platform games

Shoot'em up games

Spaceship simulations

Sport simulations

Strategy games

Miscelaneous vehicles