Samir Ribic (nick name Megaribi) was born on 4th November 1968, in Brcko (a town in Bosnia and Herzegovina about 200 km far from Sarajevo), but he think about small Bosnian town Modrica as his native town, because he lived there from his birth until he finished the third class of elementary school (nearly 10 years). Today, he lives in Sarajevo. He is engineer of Informatic and Computer Science. Graduated at the Faculty of Electric Engineering (department of Informatic and Computer Science), University of Sarajevo. The last two years of his stydy was in horrible conditions during the Bosinan war. Currently he visits postgraduate study.

Samir works as Software Developer, System Enginner and Technical vicedirector of Alem Sistem Sarajevo, and as lecturer at the Faculty of Electric Engineering (subjects "Program organization of the computers", "Principles of Operating Systems", and "Computer architectures"). From time to time, he also work as teacher on some computer courses (for example, usage of networks, computer applications, etc.). He has nearly 100 published articles in some computer magazines.

Samir's native language is Bosnian, and he can speek Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, English and the international language Esperanto.(Politicians like to emphasize differences between Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian. In fact, they are like differences between British and US English.) He also understand something in other Slavic languages (like Macedonian, Bulgarian, Slovakian, Czech and Russian), due to similarities with Bosnian language. but also can understand something in many Roman languages (like Italian, Spanish and French), due to very good knowledge of Esperanto. His favorite computer languages are Turbo Pascal, Delphi, 68000 Assembler, 80x86 Assembler and Z80 Assembler. Also can make programs in many other languages, like C (he also doesn't like C very much), Clipper, Fortran, Basic and Lisp. Calculators that he uses are TI89 and Casio fx-8000. Favorite home computer is ZX Spectrum, favorite personal computer line is PC with MS DOS.

His main hobby is Esperanto. He was twice the champion of former Yugoslavia in Esperanto, and he takes part of many international meetings of Esperanto fans, and he is current presidant of Esperanto Youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He also likes music, and can play simple songs on keyboards and accordian. His favoritee sport is cycling. Not married yet.

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